R&R Insurance Services began in 2010, however we have been working in transport, earthmoving, mobile plant and business insurances for over 30 years. Needless to say, we know the industry better than most.

Our in-depth knowledge of the insurance market, its fine print and our ability to assess business risks makes us quality advisors – you can certainly trust.

We value honesty, integrity and excellent customer service. We understand how difficult, complex and time-consuming insurance negotiations can become, which is why we’re determined to provide our customers with comprehensive, affordable insurance advice, minimising its complexity with a personal touch.

We are also Corporate Authorised Representatives (No. 362781) of Insurance Advisernet Australia (IAA) which has an annual premium turnover of over $450,000,000 and is part of the AUB Group (Formerly known as Austbrokers) which has an annual premium turnover of over $4.5 billion. Thereby offering you broad insurance markets, quality policy wordings and significant buying power.

Business, transport, earthmoving & mobile plant insurance to suit your needs

Business owners can incur, or be liable for, a number of unprecedented risks to assets, buildings, premises, property, products, goods, works in progress, vehicles, marine vessels, employees, subcontractors, contractors, general public and the transportation of these when unexpected events occur.

What we offer

We offer an in-depth analysis and assessment of our clients’ risks and meticulous choosing of insurances for maximum coverage. We understand that every company is different, and so unlike many other business insurance advisers, we offer tailor-made insurance policies to suit your company’s needs.

Our wide-ranging services are designed to cover all of your insurance needs. We proudly provide insurance risk analysis, insurance market reviews & reporting, implementation & maintenance of insurance programme, claims handling & management, and monthly premium payments by premium finance.

Finding insurance has never been so easy, affordable and personal as it is with us.

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