Why should I employ transport & allied insurance adviser?

An adviser’s role is to act in the best interests of their clients. We exist to save you time and money as we navigate the difficult landscape that is the insurance world on your behalf.

Business insurance is complex yet essential: it’s important to choose a policy that suits your company’s needs, however large or small. Advise on the various risks to your business and tailor insurance company policies to cover those risks.

Advisers and agent – what’s the difference?

An insurance agent acts on behalf of an insurance company – not you the client. They are responsible for the administrative aspects including the processing of both paperwork and premiums for the insurer. They do not have a direct duty of care to your business and have no responsibility in ensuring a company is getting the most appropriate policy for your business needs. Agents are simply salespersons out to make a sale for their insurer/s.

We as insurance advisers offer much more that what an agent does. We conduct risk assessments, research the insurance market for your needs and report to you on insurance products, developing coverage plans, managing your claims and your day to day adjustments / insurance queries. Basically, an insurance adviser is much, much, more putting their client’s interests first.

What kind of policies will my company need?

Transport & Allied Insurance Services understand that no two businesses are the same, and not all insurers’ policies are the same.

Each company has their own set of unique requirements and different levels of risk. Therefore, each company’s policies will vary.

The team at Transport & Allied will work hard to cater appropriate business insurances to the needs of your company: we will discuss your business insurance expectations and work with you to get the most comprehensive and cost-effective coverage.

What happens when circumstances in business change?

Change is inevitable in business, so it is vital that an insurance policy should reflect these changes depending on the extent of coverage and premium. If changes increase risks to your company, you may be exposed to considerable losses. Transport & Allied Insurance Services conduct regular reviews of your policies to ensure they remain relevant.

We also offer annual risk assessments so you can stay on top of your business’s insurance needs.

Do you have more questions? Contact us and speak to our team.