Part of an adviser’s job is to educate their clients on the wide range of options available within the competitive insurance market. This is why we conduct insurance market reviews to show you all relevant information about the market and decide the best coverage options for your business.

How do we conduct an insurance market review and report?

Once our experienced insurance advisers have conducted a thorough risk analysis of your business, we will conduct an insurance market review on your behalf. We will send the established risk requirements to the insurance market to obtain their terms of cover and premiums.

When the results of the insurance market survey are complete, we will present to you a written report of the best possible insurance options for you and your business. This includes data on the extent of each insurer’s cover and the best premium options.

The R&R difference

With our highly comprehensive market review and reporting system, we put the power in your hands: you can make an informed insurance decision based both on the premium and the extent of cover.

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