Insurance claims

In a business, sometimes the unfortunate happens: accidents, unexpected damages and liabilities occur.

R&R Insurance Services is highly experienced at managing insurance claims.

Managing your insurance claim

We offer a hands-on approach when dealing with an insurance claim.

We will actively contact your relevant employee and go through what happened and establish the facts and present them to your insurer so that they have a fully informed version of events.

We will arrange paperwork on your behalf, submit the claim with insurer/s, make sure assessors are appointed where needed promptly, monitor your claim progress and take all possible action to ensure it gets followed through.

We will also follow up quotes from repairers if there has been any damage to your property.

We will also assist assessors in obtaining information where needed to speed up the claim process.

Where another party is at fault, if prudent we can arrange claiming directly off the other party’s insurer for your damages and losses.

We will also assist with the recovery of loss of earnings where a third party is at fault.

We will also assist you in ‘sub-excess’ incidents in negotiating a good outcome for you.

And most importantly our extensive product / industry knowledge is used to your advantage to make sure you get the best possible resolution.

Contact us to find out more about how we manage your claims.